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Library Collection

Collections and rare books

The present-day library stores the collections from the Institute of Mathematics "S. Pincherle" and the Institute of Geometry "L. Cremona", which merged in 1983 to become the Department of Mathematics, and those belonging to the Computer Science Department.

The library owns approximately 50,000 books, 25,000 off-prints and pamphlets and 1461 periodicals (559 of which are current).
Main interest areas covered are Real and Complex Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Differential and Algebraic Geometry, Algebra, Mathematical Physics, Numerical Mathematics, Computational Mathematics and History of Mathematics.

Particularly remarkable is the historical section (3,000 books), which includes 500 books of the XVI, XVII and XVIII centuries which come from the private collections of Ettore Bortolotti (1866-1947), Salvatore Pincherle (1853-1936), Cesare Arzelà (1847-1912).
The Bortolotti collection, in particular, illustrates the wide-ranging research of this Bolognese mathematician and mathematics historian. It includes works by Nicolò Tartaglia (1506?-1559), Rafael Bombelli (1526-1572), (Bortolotti discovered and published the 4th and 5th volumes of his work "Algebra"), Pietro Antonio Cataldi (1548-1626), Bonaventura Cavalieri (1568-1647) Pietro Mengoli (1625-1676) and other important mathematicians of the XVI, XVII and XVIII centuries.

The library owns also an interesting collection of books on Architecture (700 volumes approx.), which originally was part of the School of Design and Architecture.

Document and Library Services

Document and Library Services
Thanks to a wide range of central library services it is possible to search catalogues, access full-text electronic resources, and take advantage of advanced support services.


General Catalogue of Bologna (SBN-UBO)
This is the general Catalogue of the unified campus of Bologna of the National Library Service (SBN) which assembles 177 libraries of the University, Municipality and province of Bologna and other specialised libraries in the area
National Catalogue of Magazines (ACNP)
This is the Italian Catalogue of Magazines "ACNP" created in cooperation with the CNR. More than 2400 libraries are involved in the catalogue and more than 120.000 magazines and 630,000 collections of magazines can be found both in the electronic and paper version on all discipline areas