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Admission and Borrowing Information, Document Delivery, Interlibrary Loan Service, Photoservices

Admission and Borrowing Information

The Library Basement Rooms where the books are stored are open only to the Faculty and graduate students.

Everybody can borrow up to 3 books, though only for one day or overnight leaving a piece of ID with the front office.

The Department Faculty , research and the Bologna University users are eligible to borrow books for longer periods. For further information  contact the Front Office (tel. +39 051 2094411).

Requests to consult volumes belonging to the Bortolotti fund  should be sent directly to the head of library at least one day in advance.

Journals, reference books and ancient books are available only for in-library use.

The library can provide students with one or more copies of textbooks. A list is available. Textbooks owned in a single copy are lent for one day.

Document delivery 

The Library provides a delivery service for photocopies of articles.

In the case of incoming material, the service is reserved to Department faculty and graduate students. For other people may be a fee to pay.
In the case of outgoing material, the Document Delivery is free for libraries and Institutions offering the same service on a reciprocity basis.

Inter-Library Loan

For Italian Institutions see the italian pages.

For foreign Institutions a fee to cover mailing expenses equivalent to 2 IFLA Voucher is required.
The loan is for up to 20 days, delivery time not included.
Only two volumes at a time can be requested.
Dictionaries, encyclopaedias, works out of print, degree theses, rare and valuable books, and volumes in a precarious state of preservation are excluded from Inter-Library loan service.

Inter-Library loan requests have to be placed using  this form.

Reference services

All users are given assistance by the library staff in using the search tools, and paper and electronic catalogues,
Lecturers, researchers and students can both receive help for bibliographic research requesting an appointment.


Two xerox machines are available: one, located in the Journals Section, is  reserved  to Department members. A second one is in the Loan Office on the ground floor. It can be used by non-Deparment members. A magnetic card must be purchased who must buy a magnetic card .




Library's Front Office

tel: (+39)051.2094411

fax: (+39)051.2094490

Monday-Friday: 9.00 - 18.00
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For further information about the Library's services contact the Front Office