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General Information

Opening Hours, Location and Facilities

Library's Front Office: Monday to Friday: 9 - 18.00

In August and during Christmas period special opening hours will apply:
see italian version.

The Library is located in the Department of Mathematics building, Piazza di Porta San Donato, 5 (UniboMappe) and is laid out in the following way.

On the ground floor is the Reading Room, which seats 80 people, as well as the Loan Office (phone: 051/2094411), where one can find two computer terminal to consult the online catalogues and a photocopier.
Two computer terminal in the Reading Room can be used by students to search full-text electronic resources.
From the Loan Office the stairs lead down to the Basement Rooms, where books and periodicals previous to 2002 are stored. The library basement rooms are open only to the Mathematics Faculty and research postgraduates.
On the 4th floor is the Journal Section of the library, which seats 80 people (phone: 051/ 2094413), where authorized users can have direct access to the current periodicals of the last ten years.
The section of the library housing the collection of rare and ancient books, documenting the history of Mathematics and Architecture, is on the 2nd floor: it can be accessed by appointement with Head of Library

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Library's Front Office

tel: (+39)051.2094411

fax: (+39)051.2094490

Monday-Friday: 9.00 - 18.00