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Mathematical Physics

Mathematical Physics deals, traditionally, with the study and development of mathematical methods for physics.

It arose with Classical Mechanics and grew out of the progressive construction of Statistical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics and Relativistic Mechanics.

In recent times due to its versatility toward mathematical models and numerical simulations its methods are applied also to disciplines beyond hard sciences, like in the humanistic sciences, life sciences, and socio-economic sciences.

In our department several specific research topics are studied, among them there are:

  • semiclassical analysis and spectral analysis in quantum mechanics;
  • quantum chaos;
  • continuum mechanics;
  • disordered statistical mechanics;
  • applications of statistical mechanics and ergodic theory to number theory;
  • entropic methods and similarity measures;
  • statistical mechanics methods in socio-economic sciences;
  • Schroedinger operators;
  • non-linear propagation and models in extended thermodynamics;
  • dynamical systems and ergodic theory.

Barbieri Isabella

Bosello Carlo Alberto

Brini Francesca

Caliceti Emanuela

Contucci Pierluigi

Statistical Mechanics. Probability. Mathematics for the Socio-Economics applications.

Cristadoro Giampaolo

Degli Esposti Mirko

Franchi Franca

Graffi Sandro

Grecchi Vincenzo

Lazzari Barbara

Lenci Marco

Dynamical Systems. Ergodic Theory. Probability.

Martinez Andre' Georges

Partial Differential Equations. Semiclassical analysis. Quantum resonances.

Mentrelli Andrea

Muracchini Augusto

Nibbi Roberta

Ruggeri Tommaso Antonio

Seccia Leonardo